Third pillar contributions info

Once you have submitted your III pillar selection application, then log in to your internet bank and make a payment with following payment details:

  • Payee: AS Pensionikeskus
  • Account number (choose one):
    • Luminor BankEE961700017004379157
    • SEBEE141010220263146225
    • SwedbankEE362200221067235244
    • LHV: EE547700771002908125
  • Reference (Viitenumber): Your pension account number (You find the number here. Pension account number is the same for II and III pillar.)
  • Payment details (Makse selgitus): 30101119828

NB! Fund units appear on your pension account by the end of the next working day.

NB! When you contribute from a foreign bank account, there is no Reference field. Instead, add to Payment details: 30101119828,IK:your ID (e.g.: 30101119828,IK:37012112333)