Third pillar contributions info

Once you have submitted your III pillar selection application, then log in to your internet bank and make a payment with following payment details:

  • Payee: AS Pensionikeskus
  • Account number (choose one):
    • Luminor BankEE961700017004379157
    • SEBEE141010220263146225
    • SwedbankEE362200221067235244
    • LHV: EE547700771002908125
  • Reference (Viitenumber): Your pension account number (You find the number here. Pension account number is the same for II and III pillar.)
  • Payment details (Makse selgitus): 30101119828. (If you are investing to another or to several III pillar pension fund and would like to make a one time contribution to our fund, please ad payment details 30101119828, EE3600001707 )

Fund units appear on your pension account by the end of the next working day. If you transferred money over the weekend, you will see new units on your pension account by Tuesday evening.

NB! If you make a payment via Swedbank’s Internet bank, the bank will first show you an error message: “Contributions to the Pillar III fund can be made here”. Feel free to click on the link provided by the bank, authorize the bank to request your pension account details from the Pension Center, and you will be presented with a purchase order for the third pillar fund, which already contains the necessary payment details and  reference number. Select the Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund from the menu item “Choose fund for the payment” and mark the sum you like to invest. If you wish, you can make a payment as a one-time or regular payment. You will see the standing order later in the Internet bank from your pension assets info, below your III pillar fund details “Pension third pillar regular payments”.

NB! When you contribute from a foreign bank account, there is no Reference field. Instead, add to Payment details: 30101119828,IK:your ID (e.g.: 30101119828,IK:37012112333)

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